Be Where Your Target Audience Is!

Mobile phones and social media like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Youtube is where your audience is. Are you? We can help at (612)720-6506.

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Fine-Tune Your Message!

Does your message turn spectators into rabid fans? If it doesn’t give us a call at (612) 720-6506 and find the message that connects you to your audience.

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Super-Charge Your Marketing!

TRI has been helping businesses super-charge their marketing since before the Internet. We’ve worked with some pretty prestigious organizations like Target Corporation,...

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Drive & Capture

With most people spending hours on social media sites and pre-purchase research being conducted exclusively online, having a way to drive those Internet users  and capture them as part of your future marketing is paramount to the success of your business.


TRI has considerable expertise in driving traffic to online, mobile and physical destinations using the following tools:

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Nurture & Convert

Compelling is the sauce that turns traffic into sales. When people are slow to spend, a compelling message is more important that ever.

TRI has mastered the art of being compelling. We say “Being compelling is simply making your audience feel idiotic for not buying.”


To be compelling you often need to slowly and methodically walk someone through your value proposition. This is what we call nurture. Nurture builds on three elements:

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Contact Us

Act now and start down the path to more success in 2014!

Call (612) 720-6506

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